composer & visual artist

About Linadrena


Linadrena is a composer and visual artist based in Sydney, Australia. His real name is Guillaume Pravaz, he was born in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. He went to Paris when he was nineteen to start studying. He met a couple of musician friends when he was at the Philosophy University and decided to buy his first guitar to play with them. Guillaume never properly learnt music but always wanted to compose new melodies. While he was working on some musical projects with his friends, he started composing for his solo project called Linadrena. As a teenager, Guillaume was fan of Deftones, so Linadrena came after “Adrenaline”, which was Deftones’ first album.

Guillaume kept composing a bit for a couple of years then stopped music to focus on studying sound engineering. In 2012, he left Paris to start a new life in Australia. After settling in, he felt like bringing Linadrena back to life and started composing again in 2014.

In 2015, his first instrumental album The Journey was released. It was a mix of old compositions from Paris and new ideas. This album which is a mix of genres was inspired by the idea of movie soundtracks.

In 2016, Linadrena started introducing his voice to his music and wrote 9 songs for his second album entitled Then Come the Words released on the 1st of June 2016. According to You and All Your Dreams were the two singles featured in this album.

In 2017, Linadrena releases Débordement, his third album. The challenge here was to compose a single piece divided in six parts. This album is a full acoustic project.